Through our bug’s life topic we made a wormery and observed the worms make paths through the soil and sand. We used a large water bottle to make the wormery and covered it with a tube of dark card. Everyone had a turn and digging and collecting worms from the school field.


Science observing bulbs

Late autumn we planted a selection of bulbs. The daffodils were the first to flower, followed by the hyacinth and later the tulips. Our flower bed looks beautiful. We have enjoyed watching the bulbs change and grow.

Science and DT

The children found out about Plop the owl, who only came out during the day because was afraid of the dark. They decided that they would make something that Plop could use to help him get used to the dark. After researching reflective materials and how electrical circuits work they set to work designing, making, evaluating and adapting. Here are the finished products.

Reflection investigation

Mrs McGouran took us to the darkest room in school so we could investigate reflection.

Circuit projects

As part or our In the Middle of the Night topic we researched, designed and built projects that would be helpful in the dark.